The Legend Begins with a nod and a wink...

The legend begins.

By Mike Gray

Here is the true story of how 3 average, run-of-the-mill kids got involved in the crazy world of moviemaking.

It all started late August. I had recently talked to Travis (our star) on the internet. We were casually discussing what our plans are and what we want to do, and he mentioned he wanted to be an actor. Since I have been forever interested in the directing/writing game, I announced I wish to be a director some day. But not of $200 million movies. Oh, no. Those movies suck. I wanted to be an Indy Filmmaker. The low budget, the grainy film, oh, the CHALLENGE of it all! I told him one day I'd like to work with him on something and he said he'd get back to me.

Enter future writer/director Keith Reilly, whom  I soon afterward talked to on the internet. I said I got a Super 8 (which my g/f bought for me...don't worry love! I'll pay you back!) and I wanted to make a movie. Push came to shove, and soon enough we started discussing/writing the script to what would later be called Link-Suburban Legend (a name derived from me and keith saying the characters' name at the exact same time, and Suburban Legend because of my dangerously weird fascination with Urban Legends). After a while, we got together and had a writing frenzy and discussed and plotted differant aspects of the script. Keith and I seem to have some odd fate-destiny fixation on this movie, and believe this movie will lead to bigger, better things for all of us. Travis is a good kid, and deserves our respect, for he wrote both dream sequences in the movie, both of which are genius (and one of which is derived from actual real life!).

Our philosophies are simple:We aren't looking for a profit, or big payoff for this movie, but instead are doing it for practice to our future professions. We are on a skin-tight budget, and are quite panicky for some equipment. Still, we march on, faithful that this movie will come out as good as we all dream.

I'd just like to say thank you to Travis for being such a good sport thru all of this (some scenes we wrote him are a tad dangerous..nothing he can't handle.)

And Keith, fate and the shining between you and I is very, very scary, and it freaks me out just by thinking about it. beans.

"You're special just because you're you."-Mr. Rogers