The legend begins.

What would you do if you had a party to go to one night, forgot to take your medication and ended up having the craziest/oddest/stupidest day of your life? You'd be named Link!

Link - Suburban Legend is the story of an average person, 16 or so, living in the strange town of Point Pleasant, New Jersey...a quaint little suburban atmosphere that seems normal, but looks can be deceiving. It's actually a point where sanity comes to a halt. A pleasant point to some, but to outsiders, it's just plain strange.

If you have read this far, than you are probably picturing a bad Horror flick made with crappy equipment...but this is actually far from it! It's actually a comedy of the day in the life of a normal person who forgot to take his medication one morning and ended up having one HELL of a day! From walking out his front door to going to work at a Video Rental store to giving a mexican directions to starting a brawl about Star Wars, Link just continues encountering stranger and stranger events!


You're probably wondering who's the minds behind this movie, the star of the film, the cast, or even what the hell kind of title is Link - Suburban Legend?

The movie is titled "Link - Suburban Legend" because, first off, the main character is named Link. For those of you that know what an urban legend is, that's kind of what this movie is, except it occurs in suburbia (and it's more of a pun than anything). For those of you who DON'T know what an Urban Legend is, I suggest you visit this place . It has a whole slew of Urban Legends, which are stories kind of started as rumors, an "old wive's tale".

The main writers behind this film are Michael Gray and Keith Reilly (myself). Travis Cadalzo, the star of this movie, also had his share of writing the screenplay! Both Mike and Travis are amazing talents and their writing in this movie is great! Travis will be playing Link, the Suburban Legend himself! Michael and I are directing the film and also have a couple cameos.

How us 3 crazy kids got mixed up in all of this movie stuff

This movie is being filmed with a camcorder, but the film will be upgraded to 16 or 32mm, so it doesn't look like a film a yokel shot to send to his cousin Horace. Although we do not have any pics of the movie yet, once we start shooting we will be sure to have some for you! This movie is about to begin shooting, so we will have goodies available! We have the LSL cast list up, and we will also have the soundtrack list up, so check back soon!

This is pretty much all the info we have on this movie at the moment. There DEFINITELY will be more once we start to get this movie rolling! We're in the works of producing the soundtrack, with music from such great bands as Pink Floyd and Phish, as well as a track or two layed down by Altered States.
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