Link - Suburban Legend has been cancelled.
Saddened? Well, don't be. We will be offering the script online soon. It isn't the most professional looking script, and since you can't see, hear or know the characters too well, it might not come out as good as if it were shot. More info in the news section.

Link - Suburban Legend page
(Former) Cast

Both Mike and I are working on scripts (Seperately), but the movies will still be worked on by the both of us. One script of mine I'm working on is a movie called "Xeno", a shoot-'em-up film about aliens engaging in war with Earth, but ah! With a twist! After I work on it a little more or finish the script I'll have more info for you. Mike has written several scripts over the years, but is using bits and pieces of them to make one he's working on now. Stay tuned for more information.

One (distant) future movie project is one we are especially fond of, for it's one of our favorite concepts yet. We're soon to finish the script, but the overview of the movie is Dreams. More about that coming soon.